Chelsea and Kate’s engagement session took place on a drizzling afternoon at Libby Park in Richmond, Virginia. The couple met a few years ago through mutual friends and have been inseparable ever since! Katie proposed to Chelsea at this park and Chelsea agreed. Their love for each other is evident throughout these pictures, and the two will officially tie the knot this December. 




Katie is a high school math teacher and I work for a start up in Richmond, Virginia. We have a dog named Jem who is our constant entertainment and companion. We love to travel together and that sense of adventure is a cornerstone of our relationship. I love so many things about Katie that it is quite hard to confine those things to a list. I love that we work to blend our heritages (Katie was raised Jewish, I was raised Christian) into something that is beautiful and meaningful to us both. Katie is the kindest and most generous person I’ve ever known, and she reminds me daily me of that through her actions.

Katie and I have been together since March 2014 and each and every day has been an opportunity for us both to learn and grow. Each day, we love each other more. We first met through mutual friends and were instantly drawn to each other. We followed the normal course of dating and moving in together. Soon, Katie popped the question at an overlook of the city. Our proposal was a quiet and lovely moment. I arrived home from work one Friday evening to find a letter on our front door. That letter lead to another letter and then another and so on. Eventually I found myself in the car driving to the Libby Hill overlook, per letter instructions. When I arrived I found Katie surrounded by luminaries by a fountain. The view of the city was absolutely breathtaking. Katie proposed to me with a ring made with her grandmother’s diamond. The celebration that followed included all of our closest friends and lots of good beer at our favorite pub.

As we look forward to our life together, I am so grateful that Katie will be by my side. She is my constant companion, my biggest fan, and my best friend. 


Photography: Amber Parker