While planning their wedding, Maeg and Kate knew they were going to be transferred out of Washington, DC, but had no idea where they would be headed.

With a big move on the horizon and a great deal of unknowns, these ladies decided to celebrate their wedding day experiencing their most treasured aspects of the city and their union against a class DC skyline.

On the weekends, Maeg and Kate loved to sit near the columns at the National Arboretum with their sweet French-English Bulldog mix, Jameson, and their friends. They asked their friends to meet them at the Arboretum for some hugs, laughs, and a little “first look” before the wedding ceremony.

The details of their wedding day came together perfectly; their hair, styled by their friend Sasha Moon, was designed to create a circle when the ladies stood together. Neither Maegan or Kate had seen the other’s dress, but we immediately noticed that the back of each gown connected to become a circle, also!

We were so happy to be part of so many special, personal moments at Kate and Maeg’s wedding! We just love them so much!

From the photographers, Sara and Katie

Photo by Photos from the Harty
Photo by Photos from the Harty

What was your favorite part about the wedding?

Every single part. My wife looked breathtaking, the weather and venue were perfect and the food was delicious!

What were your top 5 favorite moments from your wedding?

1. Seeing Maegan for the first time by ourselves on the roof of the Newseum in her gorgeous dress will forever be my favorite moment.

2. The ceremony, which was officiated by our best friend, and reading our personal vows to each other in front of our family, friends and the dc skyline.

3. FOOD!

4. The dance floor being packed the whole night

5. Getting ready and pre-wedding photos with our family and friends.

What was the planning process like? Did you run into any obstacles? How did you overcome them?

Yes we got engaged and started planning our wedding and set a date….. then we started new careers, moved to a new city and lost access to our phones from 8am-6pm every day and could only get to DC on the weekends. This made it quite difficult to plan a wedding but luckily we had amazing vendors and help from family and friends to pull everything off.

From the couple, Maegan and Kate


Equality-minded Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Photos from the Harty
Venue: U.S. National Arboretum
Venue: Phoenix Park Hotel
Venue: Newseum
Transportation: LSA Worldwide
Band: Capriccio String Quartet
Restaurant: Source, by Wolfgang Puck

Submitted via Two Bright Lights