When choosing your wedding’s theme, some couples will turn to the location of their wedding or their favorite places for inspiration. Just because your wedding is in Connecticut doesn’t mean you can’t let Paris or Rome inspire you, right? Here are a few ways your favorite location can be incorporated into your big day:

destination cookies for gay wedding favors


I’m always a fan of edible favors because it’s pretty much a guarantee that your guests will enjoy the treat and not toss it out as soon as they get home. Themed cookies can be cut and decorated in any shape you desire.

Eleni’s makes cookies in a wide range of themes, including several New York City designs—the taxi and skyline cookies are shown here. Or if you can’t find your theme on their menu, talk to their designers about creating a custom location-themed cookie, like a gondola in Venice. The NYC cookies are $7-$8 each. Pricing on custom orders are based on design and quantity.

Another idea is to include a themed cookie in guestroom gift bags for out-of-town guests only, which can save you money.


destination stationery gay wedding invitations


Hello! Lucky makes a line of destination-themed stationery suites that include save-the-date cards, invitations and thank-you cards. The retro designs are really fun and will get your guests in the mood to travel to your wedding.

Here is a small selection of save-the-date cards, which are digitally printed. The cards are available at Hello Lucky! for $2.44/each.


tacos tequila wedding food gay weddings

Mini fish tacos and margaritas in tiny Patron bottles

Wedding Menu

If your destination is known for a particular food or drink, add it to your reception menu. Many couples getting married in New England will plan a clam bake rehearsal dinner, but you can also offer up some seafood dishes at your wedding cocktail hour and reception.

If you’re from the South or getting married there, offer barbecue at your wedding or, for a Southwest-inspired celebration, serve a Tex-Mex meal. Are tapas your thing? Turn cocktail hour into a tapas bar with mini dishes served at various stations or passed.


Photo: Courtesy of Peter Callahan