Wedding photos are meant to be looked at and remembered fondly. A dreary New Year’s Eve wedding did not create the ideal setting for Kristen and Niki to capture the moment, so the marriers opted for a wedding photo do-over. Heading outdoors on a gorgeous sunny day the newlyweds were able to get the pictures they wanted out on the ranch behind a gorgeous Texas ballroom.

Niki and Kristen exchanged kisses on a tractor, romped through a field of bluebonnets and had fun with a tire swing they found tied to a tree. Baby donkeys and horses were not afraid to take part in the photo shoot. Walking straight up to the lovebirds, the animals livened up the session as Kristen and Niki stopped to pet the donkeys with huge smiles across their faces.



Equality-minded Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Creatrix Photography
Location: Dimebox Ballroom

Submitted via Two Bright Lights