Renee Montgomery–activist, former WNBA player, and current vice president and co-owner of the Atlanta Dream–revealed this week that she and music artist Sirena Grace got married over a year ago.

In an interview with People, Montgomery opened up about the couple’s spontaneous, DIY wedding in April 2020.

Having gotten engaged in 2019, the couple knew their dream wedding would never take place during the pandemic. So, on April 20, the same date they once decided to become official, they decided to just do it.

“We literally just woke up that morning and said, ‘Oh, it’s April 20. We’re not going to get married,'” Grace told People. “And then we’re like, ‘Well, do you still want to do it? We could probably do it. Let’s just try.’ So it just happened like that, there wasn’t a lot of planning. Up until the day we got married, we didn’t even have a marriage license. We got our marriage license that same exact day, it was very crazy.”

“We just wanted to be married,” Montgomery added.

Grace’s cousin married the couple over Zoom while they stood in front of the television screen in their home. They lined their hallway with LED lights and made it their aisle.

“Even though it was a Zoom wedding, and people weren’t actually in person, it didn’t feel any different. I was still crying when I saw her walking down our hallway,” Montgomery said. “When I saw her walking, it still hit me the same that I think it would’ve hit me if I was standing on an altar. I just didn’t know if it was going to feel real or if it was going to feel like it should feel.”

Both members of the couple couldn’t stop gushing about the special day, which also included Grace’s teenage son, Angel.

Angel acted as the man of honor, ring bearer, best man, and flower guy.

“He was literally everything for the wedding, and he was so excited for all of his roles,” Montgomery said.

For the ceremony, Grace wore a wedding dress she had bought a year earlier and Montgomery wore a bold red suit. They recently donned these outfits again for an official wedding photo shoot, which can be seen in People.

On Instagram, Montgomery celebrated that the marriage is now public, posting photos from the shoot and writing, “I’m a whole wife out here.”


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