Trends come and go in the wedding industry, and as celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss once said at an Engage! conference I was speaking at, “What are trends, honestly? When editors call me, I just make them up!” What was popular one year may be out of style the next (and probably because of wedding-industry leaders like Mindy). So what can we expect to see in weddings in 2023?

While some couples opt for traditional weddings with all the bells and whistles, others are choosing to put their own spin on the occasion, and of course, the LGBTQ+ community loves to switch it up and make things our own! Here are some of the LGBTQ+ wedding trends that we predict will be big in 2023:

1. Queer, trans and same-sex couples will increasingly opt for attire that suits their gender expression, not what’s expected of them based on family traditions or societal expectations. While some brides, grooms and marriers may still choose to wear a three-piece suit or a gown and veil, we anticipate that an increasing number of LGBTQ+ couples will push wedding clothing boundaries much further, and we’re so here for that.

2. Colored gemstones for engagement and wedding rings. I’m a big fan of the unique and ethically sourced stones that Equally Wed Platinum preferred jeweler and Certified LGBTQ+ inclusive business Emily Chelsea Jewelry uses in their custom rings.

3. Another big 2023 wedding trend will be destination weddings. With international travel becoming more accessible again thanks to more people getting vaccinated and borders opening up again, marriers are choosing to have their wedding abroad. This can make for a truly unique and memorable event. See some fabulous LGBTQ+ destination weddings from Equally Wed’s editorial features.

4. Wedding flowers are about to get a wild revamp. Think floral arrangements as major statements, suspending from chandeliers, rows whipping around tables, and artistic displays. Of course boutonnieres and bouquets are here to stay, but whatever you carry or wear is up to you and no one else!

5. Transgender folx will gain greater visibility. As transgender rights continue to increase, we predict that trans marriers and couples will become more visible in the wedding industry. This visibility will help to break down stereotypes and show the world that love knows no bounds. Get to know these 9 trans and nonbinary wedding pros.


Photo: Emily Chelsea Jewelry