2022 is officially here, and with a new year comes new trends. One place where marriers love to get creative is in their headpieces.

Whether veils, headbands, or something entirely different, there are some amazing headpiece trends emerging this year.

Here are five.

Birdcage Veils

birdcage veil, BHLDN

Birdcage veils are gaining a lot of popularity right now, with many marriers blending their vintage aesthetic with more modern gowns.

“A full birdcage veil with distinctive detailing will be the fashion-forward choice in 2022,” Kyha Scott, founder and creative director of the labels Kyha Studios and Chosen by Kyha, told Vogue.

Embroidered Veils

embroidered flower veil
From Etsy

Brides.com noted that floral-embroidered veils have dominated the 2022 look books and will be a trend to watch this spring.

Floral Headbands

flower crown

Headbands continue to be popular as well, only now they are getting a floral makeover, Brides said. Floral headbands can stand on their own, but can also be paired with a veil.


oversized bow
From Etsy

A variety of hair bows have also hit the wedding circuit this year, offering a gorgeous alternative to a traditional veil, says Lyra Vega Bridal.

While some marriers have opted for a more minimalist look, others are going big with oversized bows that make a bold statement.

Pearl Veils

Pearl Veil

Pearls are going to be everywhere throughout the 2022 wedding season–and veils are no exception.

According to Belle the Magazine, this year is all about bringing that pearly elegance to anything from invitations to cakes. As such, veils accented with pearls will also be a popular trend.

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