Wedding planning can be stressful, but if you’re tech-savvy, constantly on-the-go, or just hate paper planners, these apps can help you and your partner get through the process successfully. Some of these apps are gender-neutral while others do include gendered language (such as “bride” and “groom”) and some heteronormative elements.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

iOS | Android

The Knot’s app includes inspiration, venue searches, checklists, budget managers, and guest lists. The to-do list offers personalized deadlines for couples based on when you’re thinking of having your wedding and reminds you which vendors you need to hire next, making it a great app for people who are disorganized or don’t know where to start. There is some gendered and heteronormative language (if you select yourself as the “bride,” it will automatically jump to “groom” when it asks for your other half’s name on the next screen—but it does allow you to choose two brides or two grooms). Registration for the app comes with a custom wedding website where you can share your important info with guests.

14 Stories

iOS | Android

14 Stories is a wedding planning app specifically for LGBTQ+ couples. The app includes planning advice, a detailed vendor search, and connection to the 14 Stories Facebook and Pinterest channels for inspiration and prep.


iOS | Android

The WeddingHappy app focuses on shareable and extensive to-do lists and offers some vendors in the search function. Within the app, you can count down to your wedding, create customized checklists, and track your budget. There isn’t any gendered language when the app asks you about the couple, but it does ask whether each person is planning to wear a dress or a tuxedo/suit.


iOS | Android

Wunderlist isn’t a wedding-specific app, but it’s great for creating shareable, collaborative lists. It may take more customizing than wedding planning apps but could be an excellent option if your wedding is more nontraditional and personalized anyway.


iOS | Android

WeddingWire’s app is a great place to start if you’re still figuring out where to get married and which vendors to hire, with checklists, budget templates, and more. There is some heteronormative gendered language when you sign up and select your role in the wedding. The app includes a countdown to your wedding date, a space for your vendor team, a customized to-do list, a personalized wedding website, and inspiration for your wedding outfit.


iOS | Android

Mint is, again, not a wedding-specific app, but it’s a fantastic money management tool that can help you and your partner track your spending and stick to a realistic budget. If neither of you is particularly financially savvy, you can use Mint to sync with your bank account and move funds around. The weekly email summaries and text reminders for payment due dates are helpful for making sure your vendors get paid in a timely manner. Mint might also be a good place to start if you and your partner are only just now linking your finances.

Photo via Alex Suter / Unsplash