Carolina and I met at our Catholic high school 18 years ago in Houston, Texas. We were not fast friends, but we often found ourselves together because of our mutual friends. Eventually her sarcasm grew on me. She was part of the honors crowd, and I was somewhere between the cheerleaders and let’s just say the party crowd. We were so different but we always had a great time together. Opposites really do attract! I fell in love with her and the rest is history.

We were engaged on the Island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands on June 22, 2013. It is our favorite spot to vacation and I knew it would be the perfect place for me to ask Carolina to marry me.



I had planned a private proposal in the early morning on our favorite beach, Honeymoon Beach, but the morning rains did not agree. After several failed attempts I just decided to ask her while we lay in bed. It took a little while since she kept repeating everything I said. For example, I said “You mean the world to me,” and she sweetly answered “You mean the world to me too!” But I was finally able to ask her to marry me, and she accepted. She was genuinely surprised and we still laugh at how many times she repeated after me. St. John has always been a special place for us and now it is more than ever!



We share a passion for traveling and music. Our favorite group is the Dave Matthews Band and we have traveled to several cities to catch shows and attend at least two a year. We also share a passion for animals and have rescued and fostered many out of our home and helped to place them in equally loving homes. Of course, our favorite rescue has been our baby Kirby, a Chihuahua who we have loved and spoiled for the last 13 years.

Over the years we have shared so many wonderful experiences but we have so many dreams for our future that we will finally be able to move forward with once we are legally married! When we wed we will have been together for 15 years. We have waited so long for this opportunity.



Having witnessed our friends’ and families’ marriages throughout the years has been bittersweet for us. The love and commitment has been there all along but the opportunity was not until now. We will be married in California, but we will not give up hope that one day, our own home state of Texas will recognize our legal marriage. We hope that this wedding will not only be a joyous and fun occasion but also an experience that enlightens our friends and loved ones about the importance of recognizing and honoring all love!

Carolina and Veronica will be married on June 12, 2015, in Solvang, California, at Lincourt Vineyards.

Photography by Loren Ferguson, Think Elysian Photography

The couple’s engagement photo session took place at San Jacinto Battleground Park in La Porte, Texas.

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