When Megan (she/her) and Alyssa (she/her) decided to elope, they chose a destination that spoke to their passion for nature and adventure. Their Sedona, Arizona, desert elopement ceremony took place in a hidden cave, with just the two of them and their photographer, on a sunny day in late February.

Ahead of their intimate ceremony, Megan and Alyssa got ready together and took a few photos in their wedding dresses before changing into comfortable flannel shirts and hiking gear and trekking out to the cave with their gowns rolled into their travel packs for safekeeping. On the way to the cave, they hitched a ride to the trailhead! After arriving at the cave and taking in the view, they put their gowns back on and prepared to exchange vows, which they wrote in matching vow books that matched the ivory of their dresses.

Both brides wore complementary floor-length gowns with lace details and pearl buttons that tied in their accessories. Pearl and crystal jewelry and hairpieces completed Megan and Alyssa’s looks, each wearing their hair down and flowing, complete with matching hairpieces designed to look like pearl-and-crystal laurel crowns.

Once vows were exchanged, the newlyweds stayed until the sun went down and made a little campfire in the cave. Changing back into their hiking clothes, Megan and Alyssa put on their favorite maroon and mustard yellow beanies and anorak jackets to stay warm as they enjoyed an authentic Thai dinner cooked by their elopement photographer, who had become a friend. After the fire was safely burned out, the couple hiked back, enjoying the starry sky as they held hands.

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Photographer: Fearless Wedding & Elopement
Location: Sedona, Arizona
Dresses: J&B Bridals

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