Taylor and Emily’s desert elopement was a celebration of all the things they love: travel, Las Vegas, Taco Bell and close loved ones. The two double-proposed at the Grand Canyon after being together for four years, and with the pandemic, they didn’t want to set any grand plans for a large gathering. Instead, they opted for an intimate and fun-filled fall wedding weekend with their closest folks.

A white brunette gets ready for their wedding in front of a sunny window.

A white brunette gets ready for their wedding in front of a sunny window.

A details shot of love letters, shoes, earrings and rings. All the colors here are gold and cream.

As avid travelers, Taylor and Emily believe that spaces have energy and really value exploring how their energy matches the places they visit. Vegas turned into one of their favorite locations, so it was the perfect elopement destination for them!

Two whie brunettes hold hands and stand back to back against a rocky desert background.

A first look of two white brunettes holding hands in a desert.

Two white brunettes stand in a desert with their vows written on paper in their hands.

Two brunettes read vows to each other in a desert, with two people in the blurry foreground.

A black-and-white image of two people laughing with their faces touching in the desert .

Two people with brown hair stand nose-to-nose in a desert, with a white veil draped in front of them.

Their wedding day started at the world-famous Bellagio, where the two spouses-to-be got ready in the same room but without seeing each other. Taylor and Emily’s attendants and vendors coordinated travel to the outskirts of the city so that their first look could take place in a beautiful spot nestled in the Nevada desert. There, the couple had a personal vow exchange before heading back to town.

A black-and-white photo of the newlyweds laughing as an Elvis impersonator officiates their ceremony.

Two people stand in a little white chapel with an Elvis impersonator officiating their wedding ceremony. He is holding a microphone.

Two white brunettes stand with their noses touching, smiling.

The newlyweds walk across a Las Vegas street at night with a red Parking sign in the background.

Both Taylor and Emily changed outfits in the car on the drive to the chapel so they could get two different looks on their wedding day. The couple was formally married by “Elvis” at the Little White Wedding Chapel, followed by a photoshoot around Fremont Street. The newlyweds’ reception was put on by their friends and family at the local RV park, where they had Taco Bell, Baja Blasts and s’mores ready for everyone.

Two people with brown hair stand in an atrium at the Bellagio. One is dipping the other and they are kissing.

The newlyweds, both brunettes, stand in front of a rainbow color mural and pop a bottle of champagne.

A white tablecloth has Taco Bell bags on top of it.

The newlyweds intertwine their arms and sip champagne in front of a black and white RV.

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Photographer: Amber Garrett Photography

Beauty: The Dream Team Nevada

Cinema and Video: Cydne Robinson Films

Ceremony Venue: Little White Wedding Chapel

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