Getting wedding-ready can be a daunting task, especially if you’re opting to do your own makeup! But with the right tips and tricks, it’s totally possible. We’ve got expert advice on how to nail that wedding look—yes, even if you don’t have a professional makeup artist.

Looking for makeup technique tutorials? We’ve got you (and your gorgeous face) covered! The creators and artists featured in this article have some great tips to get you started.

1. Prep your skin ahead of the big day

Your skin is the canvas for your makeup, so taking extra care in the weeks leading up to your big day is essential. If you’re going to do any kind of cosmetic treatments or facials, make sure to consult with your esthetician at least a few months prior to your wedding day. Most types of facials are recommended to be done at least a week prior to the event, so be mindful of that as you plan your skincare timeline.

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2. Moisturize and prime your skin

On your wedding day, use a skincare routine that you’ve practiced ahead of time so that you don’t experience any unforeseen irritation or makeup mishaps. Makeup will only look its best when applied to clean, exfoliated and hydrated skin, so start by using a gentle cleanser, and follow up with your favorite fragrance-free moisturizer. This will create the perfect base for application and help makeup last longer.

Depending on your skin type, you may not need to use primer in addition to moisturizer. If you have tried a moisturizer-only look and it has lasted, skip right to application. If you prefer to use an additional layer, use a blurring primer or Glow Recipe dew drops (which can also be applied after your makeup routine for a dewy highlighter look on cheekbones).

3. Use waterproof eye makeup and test your lashes

If you’re wearing eye makeup, make sure it’s waterproof. This is especially important for eyeliner and mascara, but be careful of false eyelash glue formulas as well. If you’re planning on wearing false lashes, make sure to test them and practice ahead of the day, as many times as you can to get them just right!

As a former professional dancer, I personally swear by Duo glue for applying falsies of any size and shape. You can get this non-irritating lash adhesive at any drugstore or makeup retailer. I love this glue because it has a forgiving formula that dries clear and is super long-lasting. Duo has kept my false lashes looking on point both onstage and off, through thunderstorms, tears, sweat and more.

Note: No matter how much mascara you’re wearing, consider curling your eyelashes, as this emphasizes your eyes and helps you look more awake in photos.

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4. Don’t skip blush and contour

Bobbi Brown Editorial Makeup Artist Cassandra Garcia shares in an interview with Byrdie to “apply slightly more [blush] than you think you need—it tends to get washed out in photos.” Additionally, don’t skimp on contouring, but make sure you blend everything out thoroughly. Check out this resource on femme and masc contouring for more tips!

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5. Be mindful of your lip wear

This may seem intuitive, but carefully chosen lip wear is one of the most important aspects of your makeup look on your wedding day. “Shiny or creamy lipsticks will transfer onto your other half and your champagne flute. Take a red lipstick and use your finger to tap and buff the color onto your lips for a longer-wearing stain,” advises Garcia. You could also use a lip stain or tinted balm for a softer, more delicate look, but for these options, expect that you’ll need to reapply every few hours, as the pigment will fade faster.

6. Invest in quality makeup

Quality makeup products will help you achieve the perfect makeup look, so don’t skimp on your makeup supplies. But make no mistake: expensive does not guarantee quality! Research makeup products that won’t smudge, transfer or fade, and test a few options before landing on your wedding-day products.

The Maybelline Superstay line of products is an affordable place to start, as well as NYX, especially their epic smoke eyeliner. Moving up in price brackets, our editorial director, Kirsten Palladino, swears by NARS for long-lasting foundation and eyeshadows, and Chanel’s lipstick for long-lasting application when she’s speaking on stages or attending eight-hour conference days.

7. Set your makeup at every stage

Here’s another pro dancer makeup tip! Use a lightweight setting spray at multiple stages throughout your makeup process to help maintain your look’s longevity throughout the day. Start with a spritz after you apply your foundation and any cream formulas like liquid blush or bronzer, being sure to let the spray dry before adding more product. Set again after any powder formulas, then wait a few minutes before giving your face a final once-over to really cinch everything in place.

Using this method is the best way to combat your makeup dripping or running, regardless of the weather. If it’s a particularly hot or sweaty day, be sure to bring blotting papers and a packed powder foundation to touch up as needed.

8. Give yourself time

Budget your wedding makeup–application time with a 15-30-minute cushion for redoing anything or touching up details. Make sure you have gentle makeup wipes, oil-free micellar water and cotton swabs so that you can easily remove and retouch anything as needed. Even if you don’t use that extra time or any of those products, you (and your wedding party) will be happy you came prepared.

Speaking of getting ready, here’s the ideal order for getting wedding-ready: hair first, then makeup (start with eyes, then finish the rest of your face so that you avoid any fallout sticking to your cheeks), then get dressed. This process helps ensure that your makeup doesn’t sweat away during hairstyling, as well as keeping your wedding attire pristine!

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9. Bring a touch-up kit

Having a makeup kit for touch-ups is essential. It’s better to be overprepared, so have your lip products, concealer and blotting papers on hand. You can stash your kit in a dressing area or get travel-size options to keep in your bag or have one of your wedding-party members hold onto the must-haves.

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10. Practice, practice, practice!

The most important and helpful thing you can do to nail your wedding-day look is to practice. You want to feel secure in your products and process before it’s time to get ready. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with practice or elements that you’re not used to, like false lashes.

Celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner explains in a recent Brides article, “One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to start practicing a few months or weeks before the big day so you can determine what works for you and what doesn’t. Did this makeup application last all day or not? What did I do differently this time that makes me like this look more? It will help you narrow down what look you want to go for and choose products that you know will last throughout the day.”

Featured image by Cappy Phalen + Daniela Guerrero