Briyana + Deona

Wedding Colors: mint green, light pink, orange, hot pink, earth green

Wedding Location: The Ginger Ranch, Fredericksburg, Texas

Wedding Season: spring


Briyana and Deona’s DIY weed wedding took place on 4/20, naturally. The earthy and elegant spring wedding was filled with sweet elements, such as couple portraits in a bathtub, children carrying a Here Come The Brides hand painted sign, guests of all ages, and a neon Better Together sign. The two brides, who both identify as lesbians and use she/her pronouns, displayed an abundance of cannabis, inhaled before, during and after the nuptials. Even their officiant and one of the bridesmaids got in on the action lighting up for the processional. As part of the marriage ceremony, their officiant, a close friend of the couple’s, pulled out a blunt to light and pass to the brides for them to shotgun the weed smoke, reinventing the term “shotgun wedding.” Bucking tradition, Briyana and Deona decided to forgo the traditional first dance together as a couple and opted to dance with family and friends instead. The outdoor picnic-style reception included a rainbow Pride flag with the marijuana leaf and a self-serve bar. Briyana shares more details below.
Black person in white shirt and black pants wearing sunglasses smoking a blunt
processional for wedding with multiple women and a flower girl
Black bridesmaid in pink dress and white bridesmaid in mint green dress walk down the aisle


Deona proposed to me on our sixth year anniversary at our first date spot, which was the aquarium! The whole day was beautiful. I had got my nails done, which I usually don’t, but Deona insisted. I had no clue why she insisted, but I just went along with it because our anniversary was coming up. Then, we both were like let’s go get a new outfit and then go on an anniversary date! So boom, we ended up at the aquarium looking and smelling nice! Deona is an artist, and since I met her, I’ve been begging her to draw me either an elephant or octopus since those are my two favorite animals. So we’re at the aquarium and she says “find your favorite spot and animal and I’ll finally draw it for an anniversary gift!” I was excited, we’re walking, talking and I’m taking pictures and videos and picking different animals! Then we get to the octopus exhibit and automatically I start recording and taking pics. As I’m recording, she says keep recording so I do but I was super confused. I turn around and she’s down on one knee! I recorded the whole thing and was super shocked and I just froze.
two boys carry a hand painted green sign reading Here Come The Brides followed by a taller boy in a pink suit carrying a green suitcase painted with the words Ring Security while wedding guests watch

two Black lesbian brides smile as they walk up the aisle together holding hands and bouquets with pink flowers as wedding guests watch


We both went to the same high school, but we are two years apart. I never saw Deona in school except for one day right before summer and she was coming down the stairs and I was going up. We both looked at each other, did a double take, smiled, and walked away. Fast toward two years, she’s out of high school, coming back from college looking for a job! I’m graduating that year, but early, just waiting to walk the stage with my friends at the end of the year. So I’m working at Pizza Hut, she gets hired, we start hanging out and talking! Next thing I know we’re six years in, living my best life married to my bestie!
two Black lesbian brides exchange vows, both are wearing white wedding gowns
two Black lesbian brides exchange vows, both are wearing white wedding gowns


We both wrote and said our vows in front of friends and family. We wanted to jump the broom but the day was hectic and I totally forgot to bring the broom out! No one knew so no worries. The ceremony was beautiful! It overlooked the trees behind the venue. We exchanged our own vows and both got a little bit emotional while doing so. A close friend officiated for us.

officiant lights a blunt in weed wedding for two brides
two Black lesbian brides shotgun weed smoke during wedding ceremony
two Black lesbian brides kiss while wearing white wedding gowns and holding pink flower bouquets under wooden arch


Off of talent and humbleness. I thrifted every weekend, on sale dates, holidays, you name it! Every week I had a list and game plan! The things I didn’t find, I had to actually buy and I could put that in my budget and search/price match. Talent wise, I went and decided what family member/friend can do what and when and ran with it, plus my wife is an artist so half my ideas/TikTok inspirations came to life.

Better Together neon sign

black rainbow pride flag with marijuana leaves

peach and pink roses


Love is real, love is kind, love is you, and love can’t hide! Keep being you, because your soulmate fucking loves it!

black rainbow pride flag with marijuana plant and a wedding cake topped with flowers, champagne flutes with gold hearts

Black lesbian bride and Black wedding officiant squat down holding weed blunts, shooting birds with their fingers and look at camera

woman's hands on woman's butt


Please don’t discriminate. When it comes to views, everyone can have one, but when it’s dealing with business and a dollar sign, make the money and go home! Jesus loves you!

Black lesbian couple laying in blue bathtub, kissing, wearing white wedding gowns

Black lesbian couple smile and kiss


ALWAYS ask if vendors are OK with LGBTQ+! Because when applying for receptions and venues, some places are biased! Which everyone is entitled to their own feelings and views, but when it’s about money, people don’t see dollar signs. Yes, lots of venues will send you questionnaires and once you tell them you’re LGBTQ+ they don’t respond. So be up front. If they keep asking for the opposite sex’s name/information they don’t want to deal with you and are being funny.

Black lesbian couple smiling at each other while cutting their wedding cake

Black lesbian couple smiling at each other, one is in a pink suit and the other is wearing a silk white dress with thin straps

Black lesbian couple kiss, one is in a hat and a pink suit and the other is wearing a silk white dress with thin straps

Black lesbian couple dancing, one is in a hat and a pink suit and the other is wearing a silk white dress with thin straps

black and white photo of Black bride holding up a blunt at a weed wedding

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Photographer: KD Captures
Venue: The Ginger Ranch
Makeup : Ester Olivera

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