It’s one of the most classic lines from wedding vows ever: “I promise to honor and sustain you, in sickness and in health.” And even before their wedding day, Brad Williamson was already following through with that part of his marriage commitment to the love of his life, Tommy. Just a few months before their scheduled wedding in Washington state, Tommy had suffered a brain aneurysm. He made a wonderful recovery, with Brad by his side all the while, but the men had to postpone their wedding. They were taking care of each other in sickness and in health even before they said “I do.”

Dani Smith from Pixel Dust Weddings shared exclusively with Equally Wed that Brad and Tommy rescheduled their wedding for October, a little less than one year since same-sex couples won the freedom to marry in Washington. Brad and Tommy’s wedding planner Lisa reached out to Dani and the Pixel Dust Weddings team to produce a video of the ceremony since, sadly, Tommy’s illness has dramatically affected his short-term memory retention.

The video crew was more than happy to step in, and they produced this beautiful video so that even if Tommy forgot the details of his big day in Washington, he could always recall them — and the beautiful day where he promised his commitment through marriage to his husband Brad. The wedding day video begins at the 3-minute mark, after an introduction from Brad and Lisa Blair from the Sorrento Hotel