Callum and Adam’s Brighton UK engagement shoot

We met in a local pub when both of us were on a night out. We were at the bar next to each other and got chatting, Adam being able to talk to any stranger after a few drinks. We arranged to have a date later that week so we could get back to our friends.

So on the Friday we met up again outside Tooting Broadway tube station in London (Adam was late as he had to wait for the washing to finish which was probably a lie looking back, TV being more likely). Callum had booked a meal at the same pub and so off we went. Adam made quite an impression on Callum as he seemed more impressed by the lamb, finishing his and Callum’s food. He then abruptly said he had a text from his flatmate and had to leave to sort it out – classic brush off! But it wasn’t, it was the truth and we met up again two days later and have been together ever since.

We always knew we wanted an engagement shoot, we hoped it would be a chance to get used to being in front of a camera, especially in such an intimate way, before the wedding. We’re not huge fans of photos/selfies so there aren’t many ‘nice’ pictures of us as a couple (or many at all). Choosing the location was easy! Brighton has always had a special place in our hearts both individually and as a couple. Callum surprised me with a weekend away there during our first Christmas as a couple and we go back at least twice a year. It’s why I chose the Brighton Bandstand as the place to propose to Callum. We love how relaxed the town is and how beautiful it is, from the burnt out West Pier and the sea to the pavilion and colourful lanes. It’s our home away from home and we love to go there to relax, switch off and spend time together as a couple. The shoot was everything we hoped it would be. Obviously we got some amazing shots of us.

Anyone viewing Laura’s website can see they’re going to get those. But what you get on top of that is a friend who brings out the best in you. There’s no point denying that – even in Brighton – not being comfortable in front of a camera and being aware that we’re a same sex couple can make it hard to relax and reveal who you are as a couple. But having Laura there made it so much easier. I won’t spoil the surprise, but how she focuses you whilst she shoots helps you to relax and also brings out what you love about each other as a couple. It helped to remind us the whole reason we’re doing this is because we love each other and we want that captured.

In the end, we had an absolutely blast as we knew we would and could barely wait to see the shots after the shoot. But if anyone’s in doubt about the benefit of an engagement shoot we say do it! It’s a few self indulgent hours for you and your partner to take a step back from all the wedding planning and remember who you are as a couple and what it’s all about.




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Photographer: Babb Photography

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