Here’s how to use Instagram to plan your wedding

Wedding planners, photographers, and just about everyone rejoice, Instagram has (finally) introduced the ability to save Instagram posts for later! We don’t mean the usual screenshot save, we mean the ability to store other users’ Instagram posts to look at later. You read that right. . . you can now save Instagram posts to look at later!

The new Instagram save feature, which has not been given a specific title, allows you to store all the photos and videos you want to revisit in a private folder on your profile. You can now bookmark that floral centerpiece you want to copy for your wedding (or that cute proposal story you read on Equally Wed). The best part is, no one can see that you saved their photo. If you just so happen to land on a picture of your friend’s ex’s new partner’s wedding attire and want to save it for later, there won’t be any trail of you falling down the Instagram stalking rabbit hole. 

Gone are the days of clogging up your phone’s storage with screenshots you most likely never take the time to revisit anyway. All saved photos are stored in one place, meaning you don’t have to scroll vigorously through your phone looking for the screenshot you took of that wedding ring six months before you got engaged. Unfortunately the save feature does not apply to Instagram stories (be warned though, users can see if you screenshot from their story).

The save option follows the latest rollout of new Instagram features modeled after other social medias such as Instagram Live, modeled after Facebook Live and Periscope, as well as Instagram Stories, a very close copy of Snapchat.

Since Insatgram has been taking cues from all other social medias lately, it was about time they took a hint or two from Pinterest. Instagram’s save capability is opening up users to a whole new way of event planning on a platform they are already using. While you can’t store saved photos into different folders (yet), being able to store them somewhere other than in your photo gallery is a huge step in the right direction, a competitive move that Pinterest will need to keep an eye on. 

Not sure how you can benefit from the new Instagram save feature? We’ve rounded up a list of ideas to get you started. 

Loving a good love story

Single, dating, engaged or married, anyone can enjoy a good love story. Instagram is full of adorable photos of couples and stories of how they met and fell in love. Save the posts that make you smile and revisit them when you need a pick-me-up.

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Planning your wedding

Chances are your “Following” number shot up on Instagram after you got engaged. With so many wedding blogs, event planners and photographers to follow for ideas, it may seem like you could spend all day on Instagram. Save the ideas you really love and revisit them as you begin planning your big day. Another benefit to saving? Being able to show several photos to your partner  at once when you are together instead of blowing up their phone with notifications every time you see something you like. 



Getting ready for an engagement session

Whether you’re a couple about to take photos or a photographer looking for inspiration, there are countless ideas on Instagram. Save pose ideas from photographer, wedding and engaged couples’ accounts that you want to replicate later. 


Ring Shopping

If you’re shopping for rings for your partner (or Instagram shopping for the ring you hope to receive) save the your photos so your partner won’t find them.  If you’re looking to drop a hint, “accidentally” leave your saved folder up on your screen when your partner borrows your phone. 

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Don’t worry, no one can see what you’re saving. If you’re getting ready to propose, go ahead and save all those cute proposal ideas you’ve been scoping out on social media. Beware though, all the photos appear in one folder on your account so think twice about letting your significant other take your phone when you aren’t looking.

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