Imagine having been without the one you love for 10 months while they’re halfway across the world. It can be an incredible challenge, and even harder when the difficult decision is involved of staying with your significant other or travelling to take care of a sick relative.

Unfortunately, this was the case for Lisa Harris and Hayley Angell, who had not even been married two years when bad news struck. The couple, who resides in the United Kingdom, received a call in February of 2017 that Hayley’s father, who lived in Australia, had terminal cancer.

“That night we booked a flight back to Australia for her,” shared Harris. “She had to leave everything – our home, our dog, all of her friends.”

This also meant leaving Harris. Sadly, Angell’s father passed away a few weeks later. She stayed in Australia and got a job to take care of her widowed mother who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

Harris wrote to British Airways, and the two teamed up for the surprise of a lifetime.

Angell was attending a work conference in Australia when all of a sudden, the venue echoed with the sound of Harris’s voice as she appeared on a screen. Harris told her that not only was British Airways surprising her with a free trip home, her mother was also in on the secret and would be joining her daughter on their trip to the United Kingdom.

You just have to watch the video to experience all the emotion. And if you tear up, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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