How to celebrate a leap year anniversary

Celebrating a monumental occasion on February 29 is special event. It’s a date that not many couples can say applies to them, and one that makes you and your relationship stand out. While having this special date can mean a lot to you and your partner, sometimes it can feel like a bummer when the date only comes around once every four years. Not sure how to celebrate your anniversary every “non-leap year?” Here are a few suggestions on how to honor your anniversary, even if the date isn’t on the calendar this year.

Choose when you want to celebrate

Unlike anniversaries that fall on any other day of the year, a leap year anniversary means you get to choose when to celebrate. Talk with your partner to decide when you want to honor your anniversary, whether it be February 28th, March 1st, the 29th of another month or every month if you’re a couple who enjoys monthiversaries. Celebrating isn’t for everyone though. Some couples choose a leap year anniversary so they only have to celebrate once every few years. If you are a couple who loves anniversaries, a leap year date might not be for you.


Big celebrations aren’t your thing? Spend your anniversary day as you normally would, but take a few minutes out of your day to reminisce on that special moment with a toast and a few words. Founders of Equally Wed Kirsten and Maria were engaged in Central Park on a leap year. Although they have been married for several year, the happy couple still enjoys a toast to their February 29th engagement with whatever beverage they might be having with dinner.  

Date night

Go on a special date. Maybe add a movie into your usual dinner date routine. Take a day trip to your favorite museum, park or nearby city. Try out a new restaurant you two have always wanted to go to. Do something out of the ordinary that makes the day special. Are you a couple that is always on the go? Change it up and have a romantic date night at home with candles, music and a home-cooked meal.

Recreate the moment 

If you are celebrating a first date or proposal, return to the scene of the moment. Recreate your first date, all the way down to holding out for the first kiss. Go back to the location of your proposal, get down on one knee and pledge your love all over again. Celebrate your wedding anniversary by rereading your vows to each other, and return to location of your wedding if you are able. 


What’s better than an excuse to take a vacation? Pick a location that is special to the two of you as a couple. Choose a destination you’ve never been to each anniversary for a new adventure.  Revisit the location of your proposal or wedding. Go back to where you had your first date. If an annual vacation isn’t possible, take a day trip or staycation to celebrate your annual anniversary, and save up for a big trip every four years. 

With family

If you enjoy celebrating your anniversary with your children or family, enjoy special time with them each year at the end of February/beginning of March. Take a family vacation or celebrate with a nice meal. Balance time as a couple with family time by celebrating just the two of you every February 29.