We’re sweet on love around here at EW HQ. It’s why we started a wedding magazine actually: to celebrate love. And on Valentine’s Day, we double-down on all the hearts and mushy feels. If you’re the same way—or are with someone who is—here are a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas to celebrate love.

Valentine's Day gift xo heart necklace bridal jewelry


The interlocking hearts gold-plated brass necklace from Maison Miru’s new bridal collection caught my eye both for its delicate and darling appeal, as well as its price: $84. (Also a sweet gift for your attendants!)



Whether it’s for romantic love or the appreciation of a good friend, I adore my XO bracelet from Maison Miru, which I love glancing at while I work on my computer all day. This is a super sweet gift if you’re in the early stages of dating (and yet prematurely reading a wedding magazine for queer folks, which I am totally not judging you for because had there been an Equally Wed around when I was hoping for a marriage proposal, I would have been perusing it too).

Josh cellars cabernet sauvignon wine valentine's day gift


Also enjoyable at the desk (or night, if you’re one of those responsible drinker types) is a new favorite of mine from Josh Cellars. The cabernet sauvignon packs in all the flavors I love in each decadent drop: black currant, blackberry, roasted almonds, vanilla and hazelnuts, finishing long with fine, firm tannins. Usually between $12 and $14 a bottle. 

woodhouse chocolate delicious chocolate


As a former food editor, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of fine chocolate. And then I had the best in my life. The kind that made me all starry eyed. It’s at Woodhouse Chocolate, and I discovered them on a trip out to St. Helena, California (which, by the way, is a dreamboat wedding destination). This shop delivers its chocolates, too, so you can order them from anywhere in the United States. Do not be deterred by the price. The box pictured is 12 pieces and $30, but worth every single cent for genuine chocolate lovers. 

Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning your LGBTQ+ Wedding by Kirsten Palladino book



Shameless plug, of course. Just expect these every few days from me when this pretty baby is available wherever books are sold on May 31, 2017, from Seal Press. You can preorder Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning your LGBTQ+ Wedding now from Charis Books and More, the nation’s oldest feminist bookstore and the location of my Atlanta book launch party (deets to come). This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for anyone engaged or thinking of getting engaged or a wedding planner or just a really nice person who believes in marriage equality. If you like my page on Facebook and send me a message with a photo of your receipt, I will gladly send an autographed bookplate for the book.

Valentine's Day gifts boxers red hearts Tomboyx


My masculine-leaning wife is my Italian stallion. She’s basically a sexy beast who’s totally going to go red when she sees this. But alas, I am a truth-telling journalist, so I want you, dear readers, to know just how much I love her in TomboyX boxer briefs. And she loves them too. They’re ultra comfortable and so gender-neutral. Pictured is one of the brand’s latest products with cleverly designed king of hearts all over. Completely worth the $31. 

Beer Pop Chart This infographic beer poster serves up a heady brew of history, graphic design, and spirited fun.


This $35 infographic beer poster at Uncommon Goods serves up a heady brew of history, graphic design and spirited fun. Pairs well with a 6-pack of your darling’s favorite brew, of course.