Darcie and Rebekah captured their first look on camera before their wedding ceremony. The couple celebrated the moment in an open yet intimate farm field outside of an abandoned shed. The setting provided a moody feel, perfect for creating a dramatic effect. The marriers took advantage of the space to twirl in their gorgeous wedding dresses. Posing with their bouquets and taking turns on the nearby swing the couple had fun and embraced their alone time together.

These two amazing women have known (and loved) each other since grade school, and you can see the magic that they share together when you’re around them.  On top of that, they have total #squadgoals….seriously….I’ve never seen a better group of friends that care for one another like Darcie, Bekah, and their entire friend/family posse.

Over the last few months, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day these two get to say “I do”!  I already had an entire Cinematic Approach that I wanted to capture for the two of them.  I wanted something dramatic, captivating, and moving.  I wanted something that would harness their spirit and be able to portray the true love they share.

From the photographer, Stevie Haas Photo

Equality-minded wedding vendor

Photographer:  Stevie Haas Photo
Event venue: Lamborn Farm

Submitted via Two Bright Lights