The toilet paper wedding dress game is popularly played at wedding showers with guests teaming up to create the most elaborate design they can b wrapping someone up with rolls of toilet paper. Typically, toilet paper dresses leave guests looking like a mummy, unless its been designed by Frank Cazares.

Image via Today

Cazares, 29, is a costume designer from Palm Springs. His toilet paper dress design has landed him a place in the finals of this year’s 14th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The TP dress contest asks entrants to create a wedding gown and headpiece using only Quilted Northern® toilet paper, tape, glue and/or needle and thread.

Image via Desert Sun

Never underestimate the power of TP. Cazares’ masterpiece was created out of 53 rolls of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong toilet paper. The dress has 1,000 individual flowers that are sewn together using 10,000 yards of gold thread. The design was inspired by a crocheted baby blanket Cazares’ grandmother made him as a newborn.

As if the dress is not already a work of art, it comes with a matching toilet paper headpiece!

Image via Desert Sun

“I’m a big supporter of sustainable fashion so that’s one thing I’m also trying to work with,” Cazares said.  “I’m trying to use more recyclables to make more fashion couture gowns or pieces.”

This bohemian dress is one of ten that is up for public vote and is receiving a lot of press. Boho not your style? Check out the other styles eligible to win the $10,000 prize including a blue and pink gown, strapless dresses, lacy ball gowns and more. The dresses will be modelled at Kleinfeld Bridal on June 20 for a panel of judges including Mikie Russo and Danielle Jonas. The fan favorite with the most votes will win $1,000.

Dress by Augusto Manzanares, Image via Today
Dress by Donna Vincler (2015 Grand Prize Winner), Image via Today
Dress by Julie Haas, Image via Today