We first met (like any millennial) online and went on our first date at a café in downtown Rochester, New York. We constantly went on dates together that involved food, theatre, and each other’s company. What’s important is that we fell in love with each other in the theatre. He is the “techie” and stage manager, while I was the performer. We did our first show together in 2013, got engaged while we were in the middle of rehearsals for a show in 2016 and we’re getting married at a theater in 2019. We love working in, collaborating and watching performances together.

Our wedding planning is in full swing! We will be getting married (fingers crossed) on May 25, 2019, that would have been Sterling’s, grandmother’s 80th birthday.  As mentioned, we are getting married at a theatre in Venice, FL, with our reception in our home. The wedding is going to be a Filipino-American wedding, that represents both of our cultures. We couldn’t decide in color palettes, so we decided that our theme is “light.” Both of our rings, our stories, and our personalities have some kind of light theme to it.

Sterling’s ring was custom designed by me and all the selected materials represented him, his personality and his values. The entire ring is made of Damascus and each movement of the metal represents the organic and honest truth that he brings to our relationship. The outer ring is an Arizona redwood. This represents the simplicity and optimistic view of life and our relationship. Finally, there is rose gold that lines around the redwood that represents the light he brings to my life.

From Angelo

The first time I met Angelo, he walked me back to my car in the freezing snow after our first date. All I remember was his smile and at that moment, I knew I wanted and needed that smile every day of my life. On a sunny, and cool autumn day, the Phillips family jostled through the wineries of Seneca Lake. Merrily joking, smiling constantly, the day was much more than one would seem. As dusk approached, the family came to the ole castle to finish the evening with a rich dinner. Suddenly pulled away by Angelo, we sat on a bench overlooking the lake. Birds noisily quacked below us, and Angelo’s jitters became tears. Watching him get up from the bench, looked me in eyes, and I asked: “You’re not proposing, are you?” With a smile and a tear, he choked, ‘Yes.’ On one knee now he read aloud a letter written for me. His words so pure, his face so gentle, of course, I said “Yes.”

From Sterling


LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendors

Photographer: Skyewater Photo + Film
Location: USF Sarasota-Manatee

Submitted via Two Bright Lights