Weddings are a time to share your love for each other with your guests. As you choose a wedding theme, why not incorporate something you both love, in addition to each other. If a jolt of caffeine is what you both need to get through your day, celebrate your love for java with a coffee-themed wedding.

Even better, the possibility for coffee puns is endless. “I love brew a lot, hot stuff.”

Morning wedding

Getting married when the sun rises definitely calls for some wake-up assistance. Serve coffee before your ceremony to ensure an alert, wide-awake crowd is present to celebrate your special day.

Coffee bar

Everyone takes their coffee differently. From black to light and sweet, let your guests choose how they want their caffeine (or decaffeinated) fix by creating a coffee bar, featuring everything from syrups to milks.


Mugs are practical, functional and make for great decor or favors. Give custom mugs to guests to drink their coffee in at the wedding that can also double as favors for guests to take home.

Coffee cup photos

Embrace your love of coffee before you even set a wedding date. Let your partner know you “love them a latte,” by posing at your favorite coffee house for your engagement session, or holding your drink at just the right angle to show off that new engagement. Cheers to the happy couple!

Photo via Liz and Kara’s WeddingWire website

Coffee beans

Have a favorite coffee? Share it with your guests by serving it during dessert hour at your wedding, or giving guests their own bag to take home. Decorating a custom pouch of beans is the perfect time to bring in one of those coffee puns. “Thank you for bean here to celebrate with us!”

Photo via beaucoup

Customize, customize, customize

Creating custom decor, favors and more centered around coffee provides many possibilities.  Add customized sleeves to your coffee cups with your name and wedding date on them  Fill a candle holder with coffee beans and add a tealight for a custom coffee candle holder.

Coffee not your thing? Check out wedding ideas for tea lovers.

Featured image via “Surf’s up: A beach engagement photo session” on Equally Wed