Remember the cronut? The croissant-donut that dessert-lovers lined up for every morning just to get a taste? Well its unbaked, line-generating cousin is here and it’s not going anywhere.

Bring on the raw cookie dough. You read that right, raw. But not the raw kind that grown-ups warned us about when we were kids. Edible cookie dough is egg-free, making it safe to consume in small, or large, quantities.

Cookie DŌ, a cookie dough eatery in New York City, has inspired the edible cookie dough craze. Lines for the treat have reached two hours long, with people eagerly waiting to divulge in guilt-free cookie dough. Treated like ice cream, the cookie dough can be served in a cup or cone, and it’s not just chocolate chip. Mix-ins of all kinds can be added to the dough, making it completely customizable.

With catering available, you can serve the smooth, creamy deliciousness of Cookie DŌ at your wedding. The trend has caused more cookie dough places to pop up, from store fronts to food trucks. Look for one local to you or make your own with this recipe.

Prefer your cookie dough baked? Opt for milk and cookie shooters or these dessert options as a delectable midnight snack choice.