When people begin to plan their proposal, they often turn to their best friend for help. For one woman, that best friend was her grandfather.

Affectionately referring to her best friend as “Pa,” Sarah knew that she needed to include her grandfather in her proposal to her girlfriend, Megan. When Pa was given three months to live, Sarah began her plan to include Pa and Nanna in her proposal. Sarah filmed her grandparents telling Megan how important she is to their family and that she was always welcome, with or without Sarah in tow.

When the day of the proposal came, Sarah packed up her laptop to show the video, hid the ring up the sleeve of her dress and headed to their favorite spot, the beach, with Megan. Megan, of course, said yes. After all, who can say “no” to Pa?


Unfortunately, Pa recently passed away. However he will be present in the hearts of Sarah and Megan on their wedding day. The couple’s ceremony will be held in a historic home from the 1800s located in New South Wales, with the reception taking place at the barn nearby. Getting married in Australia, where the couple resides, unfortunately means that their marriage will not be legally recognized.

Grandfather helps granddaughter propose
Photo via Dancing with Her