When Lauren and Mariah first inquired about wedding photography with me, this was their email to me after I responded to the initial inquiry: “I do feel like I should mention this now though.. this is a lesbian wedding (you probably noticed this when I listed the groom’s name as Mariah). We hope this is not a problem, but if it is we would rather know now than later. If you are not interested, we understand. Frankly, we wouldn’t want anyone there that didn’t want to be there anyways. But if you are interested, we’d love to meet with you!” They had been rejected by other wedding professionals and felt the need to preface their correspondence with that information. I was heartbroken for them. And absolutely ecstatic that they found me.

We shot their engagement session along the Scioto Mile in Downtown Columbus. They love the skyline and that area of town. But the trees weren’t budding there so we took the second half of the session to Schiller Park in the German Village area of Columbus and it was perfect.

From the photographer, Stephanie West


Equality-minded wedding vendors

Photographer: Stephanie West Photography
Location: Downtown Columbus, OH
Location: Schiller Park

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