Are you and your spouse-to-be planning an engagementmoon?

We’ve all heard of a honeymoon and many of us plan to, or did, take one after the wedding. “Moons” are the best excuse to take a vacation and celebrate a special moment. Honeymoons are a way for couples to get away and kickoff the start of their married life together, and the increasingly popular “babymoon” takes place during pregnancy and lets couples have one last child-free vacation before welcoming their little one into the world. With such monumental life events being celebrated with a vacation, it only makes sense that more and more couples are honoring their engagement by taking an “engagementmoon.” Engagementmoons are an increasing trend in the world of wedding planning, with the Instagram hashtag #engagementmoon producing steadily increasing results. Not sure if an engagementmoon is for you? Here’s why you should consider taking one.


Planning a wedding can be very stressful

Whether you’re planning your wedding completely by yourself or having a wedding planner or family friend plan it for or with you, it will be a time-consuming and detail-oriented process. Before jumping into the planning, go away with your new fiance to celebrate your relationship and the start of your engaged life together before diving into all things wedding. 


Take time to decompress and refocus

An engagementmoon is the perfect time to remember what your engagement is all about. It isn’t about planning a wedding or all the fancy parties people will throw for you. Instead, it is about preparing for marriage and merging two lives into a new life together. When you go on an engagementmoon, promise not to talk about wedding planning and instead focus on the two of you as a couple and the things you like to do together. Your wedding can wait.

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Engagementmoons do not have to be expensive

Worried about finances with wedding planning expenses in full gear? An engagementmoon does not need to be a lavish overseas vacation or at an inclusive resort. The point of an engagementmoon is to get away from everyday life and celebrate your relationship and engagement. Go on a weekend getaway in a nearby town or offer to housesit for a friend. You’ll cut costs and still have your own environment where the two of you can be alone and spend time with each other.

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