Nicole + Amanda

Wedding Location: Bridgewater, New Jersey 

Nicole and Amanda met in 2012 while they were in the same sorority. They were participating in sister “speed dating” as a way for new members to get to know everybody. The two of them were randomly paired, and after their two-minute session, they began spending a lot more time together.

“Amanda and I had several highs and lows that remaining year,” Nicole said. “People began speculating, passing judgments, and one can only imagine the amount of drama and scandal associated with a sorority house.”

After a while, Nicole couldn’t take it anymore and called it off with Amanda.

“That next day the unexpected happened,” Nicole said. “Amanda showed up at my front door [to talk]…I was moved by the act itself and asked if she wanted to try dating so that’s exactly what we did.”

Seven years later, the couple got engaged and had an intimate, fairytale wedding in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

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Photographer: Courtney Simpson Photography

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