Finding a tuxedo to fit your body type can be hard. Too tight in one section, too loose in another, too long or too short these are all problems that can plague a tuxedo shopper. It can be challenging to you find a good fit for you in traditional “Men’s tuxedo” sizes. Getting a perfect, doesn’t-need-to-be-tailored fit can be a challenge, but it’s a necessity when it comes to renting apparel you have to return.

Stitch & Tie has eliminated the fear of being left with a unsatisfactory fit. Introducing the first women’s tuxedo rental program, Stitch & Tie is committed to offering all of their customers a custom-fit rental. This means whether you prefer to wear traditional men’s or women’s fashion sizes, you can find the size that fits you!

The company states they, “will ship the order to the customer’s residence well ahead of the event, giving them plenty of time to try it on and guarantee satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied with the fit, a replacement order will be sent to them for free. Return shipping is simple using the prepaid label provided with the order. Alternatively, customers in Southern California may opt to pick up their order at a retail location where fitting experts can assist with any questions or exchanges.”

Stitch & Tie is designed by the Friar Tux Shop. Friar Tux opened its first store in 1974 in California and now has 31 stores in California and the ability to shop online.

“Friar Tux is a family owned company which has always viewed customers as part of that family. With the launch of Stitch & Tie, we’re excited to see that family grow nationwide for the first time,” says Lauren Dorta, Vice President of Marketing. “Built for the tech savvy consumer who values convenience and style above all else, Stitch & Tie is the most innovative, one-stop formalwear rental experience on the web and the perfect fit for today’s consumer.”

Photography by Ashley Williams Photography, Brian LaBrada Photography, Brian Tropiano Photography, Christine Bentley Photography, Elyse Whall of Plum & Oak Photography, Katelin Wallace Photography, Katie Jane Photography, Lindsey Gage Photography, and Steven Leyva Photography