Futura Jewelry was founded on the principles of elegance, timelessness, and environmental sustainability.

Its wedding rings are not only stylish, but also good for the environment. The company exclusively sells 18kt eco-friendly gold, and as such, every single purchase directly contributes to the reduction of mercury emissions from standard methods of gold mining.

“Our entire process is sustainable and ecological,” says the Futura team, “from the gold, to the workshop, to the consumer, down to our sustainable wood boxes. We only use mercury-free gold that is certified Fairmined Ecological that directly reduces mercury emissions to our planet.”

Provided by Futura Jewelry

Fairmined Ecological gold, the team explains, is “the highest certified gold standard in the world that is truly ethical, traceable, and sustainable throughout the entire process.”  Futura—which has also partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme as part of its sustainability efforts—is the only luxury jewelry brand in the world to exclusively use this highly sustainable material.

According to the UN, 38% of the world’s mercury emissions come from small-scale gold mining, and Futura is dedicated to being part of the solution. Customers who choose to work with Futura are also helping to save the planet.

Futura says it is important for customers to be aware of the way various jewelry brands advertise environmental sustainability. Many jewelry companies use “recycled gold,” and while there is nothing wrong with doing so, it doesn’t actually solve the problem of mercury emissions.

“Fairmined gold ensures that the mine’s updated standards and practices are ethical, safe, mercury-free and that the miners have rights and are paid fair wages.”

But it isn’t only the environmental benefits that make Futura rings so special.

Not only are all of its pieces handcrafted, but in lieu of a creative director, the company partners with jewelry historians from iconic institutions like The Louvre and the MET to find inspiration for its gorgeous designs.

Provided by Futura Jewelry

Through these partnerships, Futura customers will discover jewelry featuring what the company describes as “timeless designs of the past that are as modern today as they were when they were first created.”

With that, every Futura ring has a story and holds within it centuries of artistry and innovation.

“When you wear a Futura ring, you will immediately notice the detailed craftsmanship of the design, weight, balance, and feel that goes into making each piece,” the Futura team says.

Futura is based in New York City, and those nearby are welcome to visit the workshop to view the products in person. Those out of town will work with Futura’s customer service team to pick out the perfect ring or rings. For couples on the go, Futura also has a texting app to make communicating with customer service as easy as possible.

Of course, it can be daunting to pick out a ring without seeing it in person, but Futura’s community manager, Ashley Volbeda, says Futura is fully equipped to guide customers on this journey.

“When you’re speaking with someone, you will be receiving the most luxurious and personal experience we can offer…We adore working closely with our clients to make their big day complete with the most important symbol of their union. It’s inspiring to hear their stories, and vicariously brings us joy.”

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