I met my partner Wendy in a very hard time in my life. I was trying to discover who I was as a person and what I wanted from the world. I like to say fate brought us together. The first time I saw her I was blown away. We were in a bar that was completely crowded. I’d been there for a while with my friends, having a blast. The next thing I know, I look up and see this amazing person sitting at the bar. She was so attractive to me. I just stared at her in amazement and thought to myself. “She is way out of my league.” I had never been with a woman before and someone like her… I wouldn’t dare. So, I decided to keep to myself. After that night and a couple of days passed, I went out to the beach to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I ran into someone who later invited me over to a house get together. The get together happened to be the next day. I was eager to get out and meet new people, so I agreed to go. The next day I went over. As soon as I walked in, the same girl from the bar was sitting on the couch. My heart dropped! I was so nervous. I just kept thinking what a coincidence. The first thing I did was found the host of the party and started up a conversation. She sat me down told me to have a drink and even offered me some apps she made. I had a few. When I was finished, I glanced around to find a trash can. Before I could even get up, Wendy came over and ask to take my plate. She then introduced herself. Come to find out she was best friends with the person who invited me. We started talking and we fell into deep conversation, and I fell in love with her.

I would say what makes our relationship unique is… the fact that we build each other. We help guide, support, and motivate each other. Until we are exactly where we want and who we want to be. And it never ends. We are big on dreams and we try our best to live in the moment. We are the type of couple that randomly tries something we have never done before, any chance we get. We eat dessert first, have conversations about nothing for hours, and we hardly ever watch TV. We also stir away from social media. We are really close, sometimes too close. We are known for joking around and making each other laugh until we cry. We spend a lot of time together and still wish we had more time. We’re really involved in each other’s life, and I am so grateful that our love is completely equal in every way. We are one and that’s what makes our relationship unique.

Our proposal was definitely a surprise! I went to see Wendy while she was on a business trip in Texas. She had been gone for a month and asked me to come and see her. I stayed a few nights and on the last night there, I made dinner reservations at Tower of Americas. After we ate, I suggested we take a stroll through the park. At the very end was a beautiful Cinderella carriage waiting for us. Wendy was so excited!We rode all through down town and then on the river walk of San Antonio, I proposed.


Photographer:  A Blissful Moment Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights