Tabs + Dallas

Elopement Colors: black, red, white, blue

Elopement Location: Lizzy Gator Event Venue,
Pilot Point, TX

Wedding Season: Summer


Tabs and Dallas met on TikTok. After following each other they eventually started talking and decided to meet at a Con cosplaying as Crowley and Aziraphale (characters from the show Good Omens). So it was fitting that their dream wedding would conceivably be a twist on these characters and the show.

For their elopement, Tabs stunned in a detailed black formal-esque gown that was accented with black feathers and a black tulle veil, styled by Elizabeth at Lizzy Gator. Dallas followed in a suit-inspired casual look mirroring the character Aziraphale. They adorned their ears with ear cuffs shaped like wings and carried a bouquet of flowers. Tabs carried a bright red apple down the aisle (bringing in another aspect of the show and characters). The location was the bed and breakfast at Lizzy Gator and the ceremony in front of their handmade nine-foot angel (holding sunflowers).

The theme flowed into the reception with a snack table for after their ceremony. Elizabeth and Jen Sulak pulled inspiration from angelic forms, red poppies, live plants, deep red velvet fabric and crosses. The couple chose Devil’s food cake and raspberry zingers as their wedding sweets and treats and had a hibiscus tea in miniature goblets as a drink.

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Photographer: Pink Light Images / Weirdo Weddings
Venue: Lizzy Gator Event Venue
Ring Designer: Nacol’s Jewelry
Jewelry: Silver Storm Alchemy
Creative Styling & Direction: Elizabeth Jones and Jen Sulak