Here at Equally Wed it’s no secret we’re big fans of Gilbert Baker. So when Google made their famous Google Doodle in honor of the late Baker’s 66th birthday today, we were more than excited! 

The doodle, features an animation depicting the creation of the pride flag, including its original pink stripe. 


Photo via Google
Photo via Google Doodle

“LGBT Doodler Nate Swinehart wanted to capture that same community spirit Baker treasured,” Google shares. “He collaborated with other team members, including other LGBT Doodlers who felt personally connected to the project, to nail down the right concept.”

“Together, the team decided the tribute would consist of a stop-motion animation of actual fabric strips coming together to create the flag. They made a trip to local San Franciscan fabric shops and filmed the doodle in a tiny kitchen only a few blocks from the same spot where Baker and his friends constructed that first flag in 1978.”

In addition to the Google Doodle, Google dressed up the entire search results page when searching for “Gilbert Baker.”

Gilbert Baker search page