It’s no secret, we love donuts. Glazed, filled, frosted, mini donuts, donut holes, even Cronuts. And donuts are a great dessert option (or wedding cake alternative) for weddings! Want to have these yummy treats at your wedding? Here are some creative ways to serve donuts at your wedding!

Donut wall

Donuts that double as decor? Sign us up! Organize your donuts as a wall hanging backdrop. Bonus points if you use your donuts to create a design! Just make sure the couple dives in first or everyone will think the display is too pretty to eat. 

Photo via Double Chocolate Fountain
Photo via Double Chocolate Fountain

Donut stacks

While the hole in the middle of a donut can seem like a sad lack of donut, it does serve and awesome purpose! It makes your donuts stackable and easy to display (and eat). 

Photo by Someplace Images via “Metallic moonrise wedding with donuts in Virginia City Nevada” on Equally Wed

Cake stands

Who says a cake stand is just for cake? Whether donuts are complimenting your wedding cake or are taking the place of a cake, display your donuts stacked on a cake stand for a pretty visual display. You can even put a cake topper on top of your donuts!

Photo by Danielson Photography via "Iowa wooded nature wedding styled shoot" on Equally Wed
Photo by Danielson Photography via “Iowa wooded nature wedding styled shoot” on Equally Wed

Donut towers

Why have one tray of donuts when you can have several? A tower of donuts leaves tons of opportunities for decoration. Have different flavors of donuts on each layer or make a rainbow or pattern with donuts of different color icing on each level. The possibilities are endless!

modern auction house lesbian wedding
Photo by Tara Beth Photography via “Modern auction house lesbian wedding” on Equally Wed

Engagement donuts

Donuts are a great prop for showing off your engagement ring during photo shoots, or as a celebratory post-proposal snack!

Central Park Proposal
Photo by Omnia Photography via “Central Park Proposal turns into party with friends” on Equally Wed

Love sweets but don’t want to commit to just donuts? There are tons of dessert ideas for weddings that pair well with donuts and give your guests a smorgasbord of delicious options.