We wanted to have an intimate ceremony at a location that held significance to us. We love to travel and having shared amazing memories of our time at the Canyon six years earlier, felt that this was the perfect place for us to get married. We were accompanied by 18 of our close friends and family members who traveled from Australia to share the day with us. To celebrate with other friends and family we had a formal reception back home in Adelaide, South Australia when we returned five weeks later.

The ceremony was beautifully decorated by Mother Nature. What more could you want than a Grand Canyon back drop? We had an informal celebratory dinner with guests that night at Station 66 (great pizza, platters and fantastic service) in Williams, Arizona. We then had our formal wedding reception  at a beachside restaurant in Glenelg, South Australia. We had around 90 guests join us for a five course dinner in a venue overlooking the ocean. Decorations had an elegant rustic feel with white table cloths, hessian table runners, gold centerpieces and kraft menus.We both had peach colored roses for the ceremony which went nicely with our white dresses.

We are both pretty musical so we had Brian David, an acoustic guitarist, play during the ceremony. The song we picked was an acoustic version of Sia and David Guetta’s “Titanium” which set the scene beautifully. There was hardly a dry eye in the house as we walked together to join family and friends at a breathtaking lookout over the canyon. At our reception in Adelaide, we had a DJ playing through our favorite songs, as well as taking requests from guests.

Sarah wanted something unique and a style that would suit the dramatic backdrop of the Canyon. She had her dress custom-made and with the help of a local dressmaker added her own touches to the design. Jessica wanted something simple but elegant and ordered her dress online through a dressmaker on Etsy.

We were excited to be able to get married in such an amazing location and a place that holds special memories for us both. We also felt honored to be able to share our love of the Grand Canyon and make new memories with family and friends who were seeing it for the first time.

Don’t stress about the small things. Our thinking was that as long as everyone is well fed, has enough to drink and there’s good music playing then they all have a good time. This definitely proved to be the case on the night of our formal reception! Also, only put money and effort into the things that are important to you and will make your day. If it’s not going to add to your experience on the day then don’t worry about it – that way you can make those things that are important even more special.

From the couple, Sarah and Jess

Vendor Credits

Photographer: Tangled Lilac Photography
Reception Venue: Grand Canyon National Park
Event Planner: Grand Canyon Wedding Packages

Submitted via Two Bright Lights