All families are different. There’s no right way to make a family, unless you subscribe to the government’s idea of a heterosexual family. This week we’re celebrating families of all kinds, no matter what politicians have to say about them.

Volvo designs LGBTQ+ family parking spaces

As part of their latest campaign, Volvo redesigned some family parking spaces at the Westfield Center in London to portray real life families. The inclusive spaces include grandparents, same-sex parents, multi-parent households and families with multiple children.

“As the contemporary iteration of our mid-size family estate, the V60 perfectly reflects our human-centric approach to car design which aims to make its owners’ lives easier and safer,” says Mike Johnstone, Marketing Strategy Director of Volvo Car UK.

Harry Styles helps fan come out
Image via Accidentally Alex

Congress Republicans are fighting for the right to stop gay couples from adopting

Republicans in Congress are supporting an amendment that would allow agencies to deny adoptions to same-sex couples.

“The provision introduced by GOP Rep. Robert Aderholt, would grant a broad license to taxpayer-funded adoption agencies, allowing them to deny same-sex couples the ability to adopt a child based on religious objections,” shares PinkNews.

The amendment was attached to a finance bill which was approved by a committee vote of 29-23 along party lines with only one Rebpublican, Representative Scott Taylor, breaking party lines.

If the amendment stays paired with the bill and gets passed through Congress, child welfare would be allowed to turn away prospective parents based strictly on the agency’s religious beliefs.”


Harry Styles helps fan come out to parent

Coming out to a family member can cause stress and anxiety. For one lucky fan, singer Harry Styles was there to make the moment easier during his concert in San Jose, Texas. During the show a fan’s sign caught Styles’ eye.

“I’m going to come out to my parents because of you,” read the fan’s sign.

Styles spoke with the fan, whose name is Grace, and asked for her mom’s name. When she responded with the name Styles said into the microphone for all to hear, ” Tina, she’s gay.”