When Lucas Bane proposed to his boyfriend David Devora on December 11, 2013, he captured it all on film. And, when the video went viral, a former classmate who went to school with Lucas—one that used to bully him—sent him a Facebook message, complete with an apology.

The couple shared their video on Facebook, along with the following statement:

What do you do when you want to give your boyfriend the surprise of his life? If you’re Lucas, you just have the police shut down a major city street, get STEP UP star Briana Evigan and a bunch of other hot dancers to shake their booties, and make sure all of your friends are standing by with cameras and kleenex. No video could possibly capture the magic we all felt that night, but this one sure does a damned good job!

It’s no surprise that a video with over 190,000 views drew some attention. The bully, who remains anonymous, saw the video on Facebook. He sent a message to Lucas and apologized for his actions, stating that he was sorry for how he treated Lucas and wished him well. Lucas shared the message with The Daily Grind, displaying his communication with his former classmate.

“Im sure you have no idea who I am,” wrote the classmate. “I went to high school with you. If you do remember me it’s probably not positive as I was a bit of an asshole back then. I saw your video today on Facebook and wanted to say Congratulations!”

Lucas replied that he did remember, and acknowledged that their interactions weren’t pleasant, but then he placed the bad memories behind him. “…it’s clear that whoever you were back then, you’ve grown and you’re a pretty kickass guy now.” The two even planned to grab a beer together if they ever cross paths.

Watch the video below to see the the Lucas propose to David.


Lucas and David from LUCAS and DAVID on Vimeo