Look no further. A new font has come out and we want to use it for everything! The font, Gilbert, is named after the late Gilbert Baker, who is best known for his creation of the rainbow pride flag. 

The new font was announced by NewFest and NYC Pride and created by the design team of advertising company Ogilvy & Mather. In case the name didn’t give it away, the font is rainbow colored, inspired by Baker’s rainbow flag.  You just have to see if for yourself, and lucky for us, Type with Pride shared a video showcasing the font!

Love the font but the rainbow color scheme doesn’t match your design? Gilbert is also available in a standard black font as well. If you ask us, this is the perfect font for wedding invitations, signs, thank you notes and more. Basically, we just want to use it for everything, wedding-related or not. To learn more about downloading this (free!) font, you can click here