Seeing an elderly couple in love is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. For people who love love, few things can melt a heart more than a love story that lasts a lifetime. Grab the tissues and prepare to feel the love for these couples whose stories have transcended time.

Fifty-one years can fly by when you’re with the one you love. Plus you’re never too old to march in a pride parade!

elderly couples in love
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Age is just a number, especially for Vivian Boyack and Alice ‘Nonie’ Dubes who tied the knot from their wheelchairs at age 91 and 90 respectively.

elderly love stories, elderly couples in love
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And this couple, 82-year-old George Harris and 85-year-old Jack Evans, who were the first in line to tie the knot at the Dallas courthouse after the Supreme Court decision of 2015.

Dallas, elderly couples in love, elderly love story
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Kate and Linda Rohr were together for 44 years before Kate told Linda that she was transgender. That news didn’t change Linda’s feelings, and Kate is now living her best life, having undergone estrogen treatments and gender affirmation surgery.

elderly transgender couple
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Tell us a loving gaze like this doesn’t make you smile.