New York City Engagement


A quiet, peaceful morning standing alone outside Jane’s Carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge Park waiting for the sun to bloom in the sky. I am overwhelmed by the majestic skyline as it starts glowing as the light greets with a little hello. “Wow, this is it!” I said to myself, my first sunrise engagement session and my first time in the city. As the sun is rising and I am lost in thoughts that this couldn’t get any more beautiful, these two gentlemen appear with a love that shined brighter than the sky.

Let me tell you a story about a boy from Arizona and a boy from North Carolina: Move to a big city, get an amazing career (SoulCycle instructor and executive assistant at Gap, Inc), believe soulfully in fate and love, share a date with a cute boy at wine bar… you get the picture, the rest is history!

Lucio and Joey had been dating for bit over a year and a half when Joey surprised Lucio with a birthday proposal surrounded by all of their friends. After excitedly accepting his engagement ring, Lucio gifted Joey with his own engagement ring. Joining these two dapper men, I spent the fall morning capturing their magical love all over New York City. It’s always nice when you get a guided tour along with a shoot. We began at the Brooklyn Bridge Park taking in the NYC skyline then walked paths along the river that led us to The River Cafe. The couple would then lead me to my first ever subway ride to head over to Central Park where we would capture iconic staples of New York City ending with classic yellow taxis on Park Avenue.

I. Was. Amazed.

Amazed at this beautiful city that had so much to tell, at this soulful love shared by two that cannot be extinguished, and at how happy I was. After the NYC engagement session, I spent 8 more hours venturing the streets of New York alone taking the advice from Joey, “You don’t discover the city, the city discovers you.”

*Side note on the lobster tattoo: Before meeting Joey, Lucio always believed in fate and that he would find his one and only trusting the timing of his life. Inspired by the TV sitcom “Friends”, he forever marked himself as a constant reminder that this lobster was out there. According to the show, Rachel is Ross’ lobster according to Phoebe. The matching bracelets also have cute stories behind them. The colored threads were there first boyfriend bracelets when they went on vacation together meet family declaring whomever lost theirs first fell out of love (as a funny of course). Later on they upgraded to the metal ones to last a lifetime. Guess those are not breaking! So much story behind the one subway photo.

Image by Jewels Photography
Image by Jewels Photography


Photographer: Jewels Photography

Men’s Band: David Yurman
Men’s Band (with diamonds): Macy’s Fine Jewelry
Men’s Attire (blue): Zara
Men’s Shoes (blue suit): Vanishing Elephant
Men’s Suit (gray): Calvin Klein Collection
Men’s Tie (gray suit): H&M
Men’s Shirt (gray suit): Gap
Men’s Shoes (gray suit): Billy Reid