Amazon is getting ready for season two of its critically acclaimed original show, Transparent. Today, Amazon released a short (hilarious) teaser for the new season, out next month, which invites viewers to a Pfefferman family wedding of Sarah Pfefferman (played by Amy Landecker) and her college girlfriend Tammy (played by Melora Hardin). Sarah was married to a man when season one began, but listened to her heart once she was reunited with Tammy. Perhaps hearing her parent, Maura (played by Jeffrey Tamboor), come out as a transgender person encouraged her, too, of living an authentic life. We can’t wait for this lesbian wedding*! Transparent returns on Dec. 11.

lesbian wedding on transparent

* Editor’s Note: We use the term lesbian wedding for SEO because we’re a small media company trying to reach a specific market. A wedding is a wedding, no matter how gay.