Rita and Angela’s Pennsylvania double proposal and engagement photo session

A fall lesbian engagement session and proposal
Rita and Angela met through the mysterious world of the Internet. They’d even go as far as to say that out of all of our friends, they honestly have a true success story of dating on OkCupid. Their first date was on October 8, 2013 at the Perch Pub. Rita was leaning against the wall all-cute like and Angela shook her hand like the dork she is. The night was filled with random questions, awkward silences and an urge to keep the night going. It ended with an extra tight hug from Rita (who usually hugs people with one arm). The two agreed to go on a second date, which lasted for 18 hours. Finally on October 17, 2013, Angela asked Rita to be her girlfriend and the two have since started a journey of new and old recipes, failed attempts at gardening, drinking coffee and obsessing over their two cats, Tonks and Lucy.
 A fall lesbian engagement session and proposal
Angela and Rita got engaged on December 12, 2014. Rita was the one to pop the question. The two first had dinner at their favorite haunt, Melrose Diner, before strolling the streets in South Philly. Rita led the two to their favorite spot, The Miracle on South 13th Street. With the background of hundreds of twinkling Christmas lights, Rita asked Angela to marry her. Angela quickly bought Rita a ring with her own plan to counter propose. She wrote Rita a proposal letter in Rita’s favorite Philly-based newsletter, The Philadelphia Secret Admirer. Once Angela received the ring, she had plans to do something romantic but like all things with Angela, she couldn’t keep a secret from Rita and ended up giving Rita the newsletter and then proposing to her on their couch.
The two quickly began plans for their wedding, which will be held on May 21, 2016, at the Maas Building. They are excited to stop talking “wedding talk” and instead focus the conversation on adopting babies, adopting a dog and buying a house.
The engagement session took place at Villanova University in Wayne, Pennsylvania.