Massachusetts Girl Scouts camp wedding

Renee and Tianna’s Labor Day weekend wedding took guests back to their Girl Scouts camping days. The wedding, held at Camp Bonnie Brae, was the perfect weekend for a couple of camp lovers.

The big day was a complete DIY wedding, with aqua colors infused throughout. Tianna wore a white wedding dress, and Renee complimented by wearing white dress pants and a white vest over her long-sleeve aqua button-up shirt. Even the food and drink took on the color scheme of the day! Guests dined on a catered barbecue meal at aqua place settings, and enjoyed homemade spiked lemonade, “My boo-berry lemonade,” for cocktail hour. Everyone ate a multi-tiered aqua-gradient cake for dessert.

The two did not have a formal wedding party. Instead, Renee’s sisters did readings and some of their nieces and nephews were ushers and ring bearers at the ceremony. Everyone enjoyed lawn games and camping activities and had a great time returning to their camping roots.

LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors

Photographer: John Andrews
Wedding venue: Camp Bonnie Brae
Florist: Annette Rinaldi, Wedding Flowers by Annette
DJ: Sam Lurie
Videographer: Julio Chuy and Renee Gannon
Catering: Outlook Farm
Cake: Debbie Carr (Tianna’s mother)
Officiant: Terry Carter (Tianna’s aunt)

equality-minded LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors