Cake isn’t for everyone, and often couples look for wedding cake alternatives to serve guests on their big day. The dessert(s) you serve should be ones that you and your partner love, after all it is your wedding. Can’t decide on just one dessert? Offer a dessert bar with multiple options. Your wedding is one place you can have your cake and eat it too! 


A handheld version of a slice of cake, cupcakes are easier  and sometimes a less expensive alternative than a large cake depending on how many mouths you have to feed.  and nowadays bakeries can get pretty creative with flavors, so offering a smorgasbord of different falvors to make you and your guests happy is easily done.  

Autumn-themed wedding atop the Chicago Tribune Tower (64)
Photo by DeAnda Photography via Equally Wed


Cake-like desserts are not always for everyone. Flaky crusts or fruit filling your things? A pie for dessert option might be for you, and you can even have a cutting ceremony the way you would for a cake. Serve your favorite flavors or offer a variety for guests to choose.  You can serve pie slices, mini pies or even bite-sized pies.  If you like the idea of food on a stick but don’t want cake pops, don’t worry, there’s always the pie pop alternative. 

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Ice cream sandwiches

Handheld ice cream you can eat on the dance floor. An ice cream sandwich gives you the cold, sweet taste of ice cream while still filling your cake or cookie craving. Serve from a grocery store box, or let family and friends make their own with an assortment of cookies and ice cream to choose from. 

Ice cream sandwich wedding in Massachusetts
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Bite-sized treats

Cookies, creme puffs, mini eclairs,donuts, the list is endless. If you like desserts, a dessert bar is the way to go. Mini desserts can be an alternative to cake or an addition if you want to keep your guests fed and energized throughout the night. This is a great budget-friendly dessert idea as creme puffs and mini eclairs are typically available in the freezer section of your local big box store. 

Photo via Le Petit Chef
Photo via Le Petit Chef

Ice cream sundae bar

A childhood favorite, let guests smother their favorite ice cream in whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top. Add in candy for an extra sugary treat. There are tons of adorable ways to serve ice cream, so find one that fits your theme. Vintage ice cream truck anyone? 

Photo by Baked Bree via Red Tricycle
Photo by Baked Bree via Red Tricycle

Cake pops

A bite-sized alternative to cake, these are great for dessert or to add a sweet touch to cocktail hour. An quick, grab and go dessert, cake pops are the perfect snack to grab while taking dance floor break (or even eat on the dance floor thanks to their convenient stick). Cake pops come in a wide variety of different cake and icing flavors so if you and your partner can’t settle the chocolate versus vanilla debate, these are an excellent compromise. 

The wedding of Jennie and Andria at 26 Bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Oct. 1, 2016. Photography by Photomuse.
Photography by Photomuse via Equally Wed

Fruit bar

Looking to skip the sweets altogether? Serve up a delicious seasonal fruit bar. If you want just enough sugar to curb your sweet tooth, add a chocolate fondue fountain to let guests dip their fruit.

Photo by Blue Mason Photography via Magnet Street
Photo by Blue Mason Photos via Magnet Street

Want to have a traditional cake-cutting but don’t want to get a cake to feed all of your guests? Order (or make) a small cake big enough for you and your spouse to cut ceremoniously (and maybe smush into each other’s faces).