One of the most exciting parts of getting married can be celebrating your new Mrs. status if you and your partner are choosing to take on those titles. What’s more fun than getting a bunch of new Mrs. and Mrs. items for your home? It’s frustrating sometimes just so easy it is to find Mr. and Mrs. bath towels, mugs and decorative pillows. So throw patriarchy and heteronormative traditions to the wind and enjoy these adorable, fun Mrs. and Mrs. wedding gifts!

Mrs. and Mrs. pillows

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While these pillows from CreativePillowLV on Etsy don’t actually say Mrs. and Mrs., they imply it in the cutest way. These work if you and your partner both use she/hers pronouns and are into cutesy decor.

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This Mrs. and Mrs. pillow set from DefineDesignEtc is also a great option if you two are dying to complete your bedroom or living room with Mrs. and Mrs. pillows!

Mrs. and Mrs. mugs

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The LGBTQ-owned Bold Look Apparel’s adorable Mrs. and Mrs. coffee mugs are the best way to sip your morning cup of tea or coffee after you wake up in newlywed bliss.

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These mugs from MysticCustomDesignCo are the perfect gift set for newlyweds. You can completely customize the two people on the mug with different hair colors, hairstyles, skin tones and even different bouquets.

Mrs. and Mrs. T-shirts

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Matching T-shirts are even cuter if they both say Mrs. Check out these from BoisePrintScreenShop—you could wear them to a rehearsal dinner or on your honeymoon!

Mrs. and Mrs. duvet cover

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If you and your partner are feeling really extra, this duvet cover from CreativePillowLV is the perfect way to celebrate your newly minted Mrs. status.

Mrs. and Mrs. forks

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You can use adorable Mrs. and Mrs. forks by ethanjane on Etsy at your wedding or save them if you’re partaking in cake later on (including the bizarre tradition of eating a slice a year later).

Mrs. and Mrs. ring holders

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These ring holders by ElyciaCamille don’t say Mrs. and Mrs, but they’re customizable with names and dates, so you can honor your wedding date and keep your rings safe when you’re not wearing them. Plus look at those cute gold rims!

Hers and hers towels

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Maybe you two aren’t totally comfortable with the Mrs. and Mrs. titles, but you’d love hers and hers towels! This set by SouthernStitchery is cute and simple.