If a New Year’s wedding is on your list, or if you’re just looking to bring in the New Year with beautiful and trendy nails, glitter nail polish is a must. The sparkle and glimmer fits perfectly for a fun countdown party but also captures the beauty of the falling snow in winter. So now the only question is, what glitter manicure should you get? Here are five inspirational glitter manicures to capture 2013.


The Glitter Gradient Manicure

This gorgeous manicure look is sure to catch everyone’s eye in the New Year. The nude and understated base color is beautifully enhanced by glitter and sparkling snowflakes, revealing a lovely homage to the incredible winter season.



Bejeweled French Nails

For a bit of bling that isn’t too over the top, these bejeweled French manicure nails perfectly embody the undeniable shine of a wedding. Like the manicure style above, the neutral and soft base exudes minimalistic elegance, but the large glitter tips capture the twinkle of exciting, late winter nights.



Essence Nails

The half-moon manicure style is a fun twist to the tradition mani, teasingly only showing a little bit of sparkle. The addition of the accent nail (in this case, the pointer finger) pops alongside the others as the soft pink sparkle captures cold, snowy mornings.




Veering away from a naturalistic base color, this intense winter blue perfectly amplifies the mood of January and February. The touch of bling with the small rhinestone and faint hint of glitter gives the manicure a more sophisticated wedding look. And the winter wonderland tree? To die for.



Glitter Ombre

Ombre is the word of 2012, as this nail style took center stage is 2012. With the glittery tips and bold blue under-hue, you can practically hear Perry Como burst into Home for the Holidays. The clear polish at the bottom of the nail ensures that the look isn’t overbearing, but exciting enough to bring in the New Year right.


Photo: makeup.com; gemsinabottle.com; arvonka-nails.blogspot.com; nailsymo.wordpress.com; style.news.am