Get excited everyone, because SSS is back and this time we’re tackling Topman, the well-known and well-loved brand from across the pond. Gird your loins, because we’ve put together a killer look, just for you!

As a great base for the outfit, we found a stellar black skinny tux jacket. Instead of opting for a full tuxedo, though, we’ve decided to mix and match to add a little flair.

suit-style-spotlight-topman-jacket suit-style-spotlight-topman-shoes
suit-style-spotlight-topman-suspenders     suit-style-spotlight-topman-bowtie     suit-style-spotlight-topman-pants

Our favorite part about this look (and a lot of the other clothes at Topman) is the small details. Check out the black stripe along the waist of the navy contrast trousers, as well as the black collar tips on the white button-up shirt. These bits of black throughout the outfit give it a supreme sense of cohesion and elegance without going overboard. It’s also important to note that darker shades of navy might clash with black. Take note, the lighter the better.

To accessorize, we paired the outfit with a plain black bowtie and pair of gorgeous “hi shine” lace-up shoes. Also be sure to throw in a unique pair of black polka dot suspenders (or, in British terms, braces), just to add a little surprise when you remove your jacket. We opted for suspenders over a belt this time to show off the pant detail.

Going for this look is sure to have you looking smashing for your big day. Be wary though, these stores are pretty scarce in the U.S., so prepare for some serious hunting. Or, you know, just order online.


     • Black Skinny Tux Jacket: $300.00
     • White Shirt With Collar Tips: $64.00
     • “Flat” Hi Shine Lace Up Shoes: $95.00
     • Black Polka Dot Braces: $32.00
     • Black Self Tie Bow Tie: $28.00
     • Navy Contrast Trousers: $75.00

Outfit Total: $594.00