New Orleans destination wedding

The first half of our day was nice and stress free, the two of us were able to get dressed and walk around the French Quarter with our photographer, take some pictures, spend some time together – just the two of us – and even have a drink before heading back to our hotel to meet our friends and family prior to our ceremony. The best part of our wedding was simply having our closest friends and family not only come but travel to New Orleans and be a part of us officially becoming a married couple after years of being together. The intimate setting of our reception and the being able to share that moment with the ones who we love – that was the best. Now, pulling off our choreographed first dance and having a 2nd line with our own Jazz Band around the French Quarter wasn’t too bad either. Our day started quite and peaceful, but it ended in proper New Orleans style, with a party.


LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors

equality-minded LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors