Weddings are a time to let loose and have fun. For many guests, that means taking advantage of the open-bar or whatever other libations are being offered. It can be a real struggle thought when all that fun catches up with you and your guests the next morning. Be the hero and plan ahead with these morning-after remedies.


Hangover kits

The perfect welcome bag idea. Guests will love waking up the next morning and remembering all the goodies you gave them to help them feel better. Include water bottles, snacks, headache remedies, and a travel-sized mouthwash. Offer a mini version of these kits as favors to all your guests and include a few aspirin, gum and maybe even a small bottle of water or snack.

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Provide as much water as possible throughout your wedding. If you are offering a sit-down dinner, instruct your waitstaff to keep an eye on guests’ water glasses and continue to top them off. Have bottled water available for the taking by the exits at the end of the night. Whether or not guests are drinking, you can never have too much water, especially if you’re working up a sweat on the dance floor.

post-wedding hangover
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Offer brunch

If many guests have come from out of town or are staying locally, reconvene the next morning for a post-wedding brunch. Want to really make everyone happy? Make it a sweatpants brunch. Chances are that guests may not be feeling too hot the next day, and the thought of having to assemble an outfit and get dressed up to see everyone you saw last night can seem like the last thing anyone wants to do. Being able to roll out of bed in your pajamas just makes everything better.

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