“Our destiny was written, we couldn’t end in any other way… I found in you the peace that I searched for so much, in you I found the love that everyone dreams of having.” We were married on December 3, 2016 in the Costa Sur Resort & Spa Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I met Ivan in a bar in Guadalajara on July 13th, 2014. It was the World Soccer Cup. We don’t even like soccer, but I invited him to a getaway party of a friend and it was a blind date. It wasn’t a real romantic kick off, not even an original one, but it was completely real, so real and passionate, like the love story that I’m living nowadays and that I hope to continue living for a long time. Since the moment we met, we knew we were meant to be together. Something said to us that we were not complete strangers, there was not any type of obstacle for us to become a couple and three months afterwards we started to live together. We have been living together for two years now, and we are really happy.

Both of us had tough lives, many tests to overcome, family situations and hurtful relationships in the past; being together has healed the pain, has given us our faith back, our hope, our happiness. Every day I wake up and I thank life for the greatest gift it has given me; love is the best blessing. Once, a very important person, which is our spiritual guide now, told us that we were created the same day, at the same time and in the same place, destined to be together. She also said that we have lived more than one hundred lives and only in five of them we have found each other; she also said that this is the first time we have been here both as men. After that, I understood why I feel such a strong and deep love for Ivan and I am pretty sure that in the following lives I will continue searching for him, without a doubt. For many people this might not sound real, but for me it is, because I live it day by day.




LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors

Photographer: Saul Murguia 
Venue, planner, catering and florist: Costa Sur · Resort & Spa 
Invitation designer: Mario Cueto 
Attire: Aldo Conti Italia 

equality-minded LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors